Members of atim will be supported with the following services  

Capacity Building

Digital Maturity Assessment & Industry 4.0 Roadmap

  • The atim cluster conduct a Digital Maturity Assessment to support your company assess and benchmark your digital maturity level.
  • Based on the output of the Digital Maturity Assessment, the atim cluster will work you’re your company to develop an Industry 4.0 Roadmap containing practical solutions to specific business challenges faced in the digital transformation journey.
  • The data from the member Digital Maturity Assessments will also be analysed in combination with insights from on-going member meetings to inform cluster projects and initiatives.

Test before invest

  • Based on the Industry 4.0 Roadmap, the atim cluster will work co-creatively with companies can support and take forward the digital transformation needs of the company into new attractive digital products and services.
  • This includes offering access to testing and prototyping laboratories and industrial living labs so you can understand if the digital solution is suitable for your business before investing in it
  • The testing laboratories include pilot lines in Athlone Institute of Technology, Irish Manufacturing Research, SFI centres for advanced manufacturing CONFIRM and I-FORM

Skills and Training

  • The cluster will support companies to support talent attraction, retention as well as develop bespoke training to support companies access the right upskilling supports based on members digitisation needs

Research  and Development

The atim cluster can support your company work in collaboration with researchers to solve challenges faced during your digitialisation journey

Internationalisation  and Funding

The atim cluster will support members apply and access national and international financial supports, enabling them to grow and access new international value chains

Business and  Community Development

  • The atim cluster provides a safe and structured support infrastructure for like-minded business leaders to come together to share knowledge, to form strategic alliances and explore new ways of working together collaboratively and grow collectively.
  • Our services such as matchmaking and cross-industry, cross-sectoral networking and project formation is the route to new value chain creation