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atim cluster

An industry cluster for advanced and sustainable manufacturing based in the Irish midlands

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Our Vision

To empower our cluster members to become global leaders in manufacturing excellence by creating a dynamic, interconnected ecosystem. We strive to accelerate innovation, enhance members’ competitiveness, and contribute to sustainable economic growth in our wider community through collaboration.

Our Mission

To connect members through our industry-driven services with the knowledge, partners, funds and talent in an effort to tackle shared challenges, increase efficiency, enhance productivity and unlock opportunities to advance sustainable growth.

Our Objective.

atim promotes growth and competitiveness in a sustainable cluster ecosystem, focusing on brand identity, promotion, member engagement, effective governance, and a reliable funding model. As a cluster organisation, we aim to raise awareness of digital technologies, equip members with transformative skills, support members accessing knowledge-intensive services, and foster business networking for global expansion.

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Immerse yourself in a supportive environment that fosters growth and competitiveness. Don’t miss the opportunity to network, learn transformative skills, and be part of a global community. Check out our upcoming events for an enriching experience with atim Clusters!

What is an Industry Cluster?

Clusters bring together similar or related companies, together with academia, Government, and other key stakeholders within a close geographic proximity that compete, but also co-operate. The concept is based on the idea that companies benefit from mutual support, knowledge exchange, and innovation, ultimately enhancing the competitiveness of the members in the cluster.

Interactive Directory

The atim cluster comprises of over 60 manufacturing companies supplying globally recognised products and services across a range manufacturing services, technology companies, academic and professional service providers