Atim cluster becomes a network partner with EIT Manufacturing

The atim cluster is delighted to join EIT Manufacturing as a network partner. EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology) Manufacturing has a vision that global manufacturing will continue to be led by Europe, and contributing to make Europe and its manufacturing sector more competitive and sustainable. EIT Manufacturing strives to accelerate faster innovation with the potential to improve everyday life globally, help meet Europe’s ambitious climate goals, and ensure that its workforce is ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

SMEs face a host of challenges when it comes to transitioning to green and digital solutions or embedding cutting-edge technologies and processes. They may lack the infrastructure as well as know-how in certain areas. The atim cluster fosters a culture of openness amongst companies, knowledge providers and stakeholders in the region and seeks to spark new ways of learning and collaborating with one another on cluster projects to address their challenges in a dynamic way.

“The Irish landscape in manufacturing is really exciting,” says Wolfgang Kniejski, Senior Manager Business Creation with EIT Manufacturing Central. Both atim and EIT Manufacturing have a great piece of their value in the exchange within the community and can add our partners’ perspectives to the discussion.

Join our online session on October 18 and find out more about EIT Manufacturing and the opportunities for atim cluster members to engage with this network 

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