Collaborative Robotics Roadshow -Unleash the Power of Automation

You will not want to miss our free automation event, Unleash the Power of Automation’ on October 11th, Shamrock Lodge Hotel, Athlone. This event in run by in partnership with Technological University of the Shannon Midlands Midwest and the atim cluster. 

During the session you will discover how you can leverage collaborative robots to

  • Optimise Production
  • Increase Quality
  • Maximise Return on Investment

During this event speakers will help you to indentify tasks or processes within your business that can easily be automated for immediate results. Increase efficiencies, solve labour challenges, reduce margin of error and make your busienss safer with collaborative robotic solutions.

As well as getting hands-on with the solutions, participants will hear from industry members and the imact automation has had on their business.