Supporting members in 2023

Caitríona will reach out to members in the coming weeks to connect and understand how the atim cluster can better serve individual members in 2023 and facilitate further collaboration and strategic growth.

The atim cluster recognises that excessive energy prices increasingly burden SMEs, causing financial hardship. To assist your company in dealing with this challenging situation, atim cluster wishes to advocate for your company’s issues through a letter detailing critical energy challenges and seek additional government support.

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Several cluster members are also investigating implementing solar panels and other renewable energy sources. We want to create a list of reputable providers of solar panels to secure a collective rate for members, providing measures in which we may assist your business in managing the energy crisis. If you are interested in participating, please complete the poll below.

If so please fill in the form below.

We also would like to encourage you to complete the digital maturity assessment survey, which will outline where your organisation is on its digital maturity journey and how atim can help you overcome the obstacles inhibiting your digitalisation transition. It is worthwhile to invest time and effort in conducting a digital maturity evaluation as it will identify methods that technology can solve your company’s key digital challenges.

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