Workshop: Is an ERP for me?

The atim cluster has partnered with Lumenia Consulting to deliver an in-person workshop where members will undertake a comprehensive and planned ERP pre implementation and post-implementation strategic process. 

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can help drive organisational growth plans. However, selecting the right software to suit your company’s business needs now and in the future can require lengthy research and testing.

Leading this workshop is Ian O’Toole, Consulting Manager at Lumenia. Ian has vast experience in ERP and Enterprise Systems projects in many sectors, specialising in business systems strategy development, business process design, and ERP selection. Holding an executive MBA from University College Dublin Michael Smurfit Business School and, before joining Lumenia, held various business system project management and consulting roles in Ireland, the UK & Australia.

Lumenia, are an independent ERP Consulting organisation specialising in business transformation through the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning and related enterprise software applications.

atim aim to deliver an in-person cluster workshop to support members engage in an premenabling the development of unique methodologies that allow clients to undertake ERP and business change programs. Using structured processes maximises the likelihood of project success by promoting business ownership, minimising risk, and controlling cost.

The following topics will be covered.

1.         Preparing for an ERP

2.         Scoping and selecting the right ERP system

3.         Overview of ERP Systems that match cluster member needs

4.         Ensuring that ERP Contracts are commercially advantageous and structured to minimise the risk of cost or time overruns 

Cluster members can attend this full-day workshop for €350.