Accelerating interest in pursuing manufacturing as a career

Attracting and retaining talent continues to be a challenge for regional companies. To tackle this challenge, we have developed the Atim Accelerator Programme.

This industry-driven accelerator programme will see 12 companies (minimum) across the four Midland Counties (Laois, Offaly, Westmeath and Longford) support students in their locality in advanced manufacturing apprenticeships and traditional engineering courses. This will run from 8th – 12th May 2023.

This programme aims to promote the manufacturing and engineering sector in the region as a source of high-value, long-term employment and to create supported (financial and mentorship) career pathways for students aged 15+ in counties across the Midlands.

Through this programme, students will be supported in gaining knowledge, engaging in hands-on experience and being guided in progressing their careers in the Midlands manufacturing sector. This programme will partner with the Engineering Your Future Programme with Engineers Ireland.

If your company is interested in participating in this programme, please complete the expression of interest below. The closing date for signing up for this programme is 30th January.