The cost of transforming your sustainability performance

With increasing energy costs and an increasing number of member companies striving to change the sustainability performance of their business through decarbonisation, we want to highlight the grants from Enterprise Ireland to support companies with this goal.

The Enterprise Emissions Reduction Investment Fund is targeted at companies of different sizes and stages of engagement in their decarbonisation journey: to put in place energy monitoring systems, thereby establishing the carbon footprint of their enterprise; to make investments in decarbonising their manufacturing processes; and to support Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) in low carbon products and processes.

The Energy Monitoring and Tracking Systems (EM&T) is aimed at supporting companies to put in place energy monitoring and tracking systems to begin accounting for the carbon footprint of their activities and cover up to 50% of expenditure, up to €100,000. In addition, The Capital Investment for Decarbonisation Processes is available to companies to decarbonise their manufacturing combustion processes (i.e. heating from manufacturing processes) through the investment in carbon-abating capital equipment and technologies.

Please click the links for more information on grant eligibility criteria and a Directory of Green Service Providers.