Dream Big Programme

Attracting and retaining talent continues to be a challenge for regional companies, which is why we have developed the Dream Big program. This industry-driven initiative is based in Mullingar and aims to inspire, engage and support young people to pursue advanced manufacturing as a career.

The program is designed to support a minimum of 12 companies in Mullingar to provide apprenticeships and traditional engineering courses to students in their localities. The program is scheduled to run from May 8th to 12th, 2023, focusing on Mullingar for the pilot year. Companies interested in hosting students for one week in the Mullingar area are encouraged to participate.

Through the Dream Big program, students can gain knowledge, engage in hands-on experience, and be guided in pursuing careers in the Midlands manufacturing sector. The program will also partner with the Engineering Your Future Program with Engineers Ireland to provide additional support and resources for students.

The ultimate goal of this program is to promote the manufacturing and engineering sector in the region as a source of high-value, long-term employment and to create supported (financial and mentorship) career pathways for students aged 15+ in Mullingar.

If your company is interested in participating in this program, please contact [email protected]