K-Fair – Highlights

This year’s K-Fair focused on the open exchange and dialogue on global solutions-oriented innovations and sustainable development. This was reflected by three major guiding themes: Circular Economy, Digitalisation and Climate Protection. These leading themes echoed the exhibitors’ presentations and the focus of the official special show “Plastics Shape the Future”. 

We want to express our appreciation to everyone who attended our International Networking event with Polymeris and the session focusing on the ‘All-Ireland Approach to Polymer Competitiveness’ in partnership with TSM Control Systems. Special thanks to TSM Control Systems and Polymeris for supporting these events.

We are keen to bring these engagements to the next stage. This includes collaboration with Polymeris on green manufacturing masterclasses and developing a Foresight Programme on circular plastics and green manufacturing.

Atim Clusters’ collaboration with TSM Control Systems to establish the Polymer Graduate Programme is another excellent K-Fair output. This will provide early career recruits with the skills, tools, and mindset needed to accelerate their advancement and enable organisations to realise immediate benefits. They are developing a pipeline of competent workers with green and digital capabilities. A workshop will take place on 1st December with the industry to co-develop the Graduate Polymer Programme. 

We are excited to continue supporting the atim cluster members through further collaboration with existing and new connections made at this year’s K-Fair.