Memorandum of Understanding with European Cluster Community

The atim cluster is in the process of signing Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with the following 3 European Clusters: CIMES, Polymeris, and Proplast.

The forging of these strategic partnerships is a significant step towards strengthening the relationships between the atim cluster and prominent organisations in the European cluster community.

The MOUs will support the clusters in increased collaboration, exchange visits, and opportunities to develop internationalisation activity to support our respective memberships.

This is a testament to these organisations’ commitment to working together towards achieving common goals. In addition, the partnership will enable them to share expertise, knowledge, and best practices in various fields, including innovation, research, and development.

As part of this partnership, the cluster organisations aim to leverage their expertise and resources to support the growth of the European cluster community by creating opportunities for collaboration and exchange. Atim cluster firmly believes that such partnerships are critical for promoting further innovation and driving economic growth in the Midlands region.

The MOUs between the Atim Cluster and these three European Clusters are a testament to their commitment to working together towards achieving common goals. This partnership will undoubtedly lead to greater collaboration and cooperation, creating new opportunities for innovation and progress in the Midlands region and beyond.