EIT Boost Bridge Competition 

EIT Boost Bridge is a pan-European innovation competition for solutions to relevant industrial challenges. The most innovative and impactful technology integration projects, i.e. the creation of a stable and durable bridge between technology inventors and markets, will be recognised on Tuesday, the 6th of December, 2022, in Vienna, Austria. Under EIT Manufacturing’s headline theme of “Low Environmental Footprint Systems & Circular Economy for Green Manufacturing,” this year’s BoostUp! Bridge programme strives to address obstacles and discover solutions. EIT Manufacturing is

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Leading Change and Complexity in a time of Digital Transition 

As our world’s challenges deepen, we require leaders who are experts at restructuring and reinvention. These unprecedented times require cluster members’ leaders to be more agile, systematic, and adaptable in their thinking and meaning-making to lead effectively in a continually moving landscape of ever more linked concerns.  ‘Leading Change and Complexity in a time of Digital Transition’ is an executive lead training delivered on the 6th of December in the Midland Skills Centre, Tullamore. Tea/Coffee will be provided from 9:30am, with activity

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Creating cross-sectoral collaboration and value for members

The following video is an excellent example of collaboration and strategic networking during our recent Spotlight in Advanced Manufacturing Session.  Demonstrating the value that the atim cluster gives to its members. The cluster is a strategic platform for enterprises to collaborate on common challenges and realise the manufacturing sector’s potential. Get in contact to get involved with our upcoming calendar of cluster events, initiatives and supports.

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Cluster Member Feedback & Directory

We have commenced a project to understand the size, sector, and product services offered by atim cluster members. This data will be collated into a central hub, so members and the atim cluster manager can use it to identify strategic linkages and opportunities for B2B growth and innovation. The data will also be used to drive engagement of similar companies within the cluster and to develop collaborative opportunities at the national and European levels. Meeting requests to members will be

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Leading Change & Complexity Workshop

We are living in unprecedented times requiring cluster members’ leaders to be more agile, systemic and flexible in their thinking and meaning-making, to lead effectively in a constantly shifting landscape of ever more interconnected issues. ‘Leading Change and Complexity in a time of Digital Transition’ is an executive-led training delivered on the 6th of December in the Midland Skills Centre, Tullamore, from 10:00 – 16:00. Tea/coffee will be served from 9:30 am. Participants will develop a personalised growth plan for

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K-Fair – Highlights

This year’s K-Fair focused on the open exchange and dialogue on global solutions-oriented innovations and sustainable development. This was reflected by three major guiding themes: Circular Economy, Digitalisation and Climate Protection. These leading themes echoed the exhibitors’ presentations and the focus of the official special show “Plastics Shape the Future”.  We want to express our appreciation to everyone who attended our International Networking event with Polymeris and the session focusing on the ‘All-Ireland Approach to Polymer Competitiveness’ in partnership with

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